Streamwater quality real-time data analysis


Begin and end times of the research project: May 2nd, 2018 - April 30th, 2020


  • implementing a water monitoring system consisting of two pairs of water quality sensors, data logger and transmitter and the receiving/storing server
  • creating a website providing free online access to real-time measurements data and archive of that data
  • doing statistical and wavelet analysis of 1-year long own time series, freely available on the project website
  • making script files detailing all steps used in processing water quality data, useful if other scientists intend to use the proposed analysis methods (available on the project website)
  • writing at least two open access scientific articles with ISI indexation
  • presenting the scientific results of the project at international scientific conferences (at least two)
  • coordinating a scientific workshop at the end of the project, describing its results to scientists and the general public


  • created a detailed plan of scientific research activities
  • identified, through preliminary analysis, suitable locations for installing the monitoring system
  • installed the monitoring system in the following sites: Mihoveni, Tisauti
  • presented the results of the preliminary analysis at "Atmosphere and Hydrosphere" scientific conference (Vatra Dornei, Romania)
  • the monitoring system is measuring the selected water parameters every hour
  • tested the monitoring sites and adjusted the position of instruments for better results
  • created this website that offers free public access to the results of the measurements


  • real-time monitoring of water quality and recording of measurement data (continuation of activity started in 2018)
  • field verification of the operation and security of the equipment and the representativeness of the monitoring sites
  • conducted statistical and wavelet analyzes on own time series with a length of 1 year, freely accessible on the project website (activity report)
  • created script files detailing all the steps used in the processing of water quality data (accessible on the project website)
  • published 2 open access scientific articles in the scientific journal Water
  • presented the scientific results of the project at 4 international scientific conferences: Environmental Quality and Land Use (XIIth edition, Suceava, Romania), Present Environment and Sustainable Development (XIVth edition, Iasi, Romania), GEO'19 Geography and Geology (IXth edition, Corfu, Greece), International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference SGEM 2019 Extended Sessions SGEM Vienna Green (XIXth edition, Vienna, Austria)
  • published a scientific article in the proceedings volume of SGEM Vienna Green